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513 Camberwell Road
Camberwell VICTORIA 3124
Telephone (03) 9889 0612
Facsmile (03) 9889 7338

Cosmetic Dentist Camberwell

General Check-Up and Clean

At Shibata Dental, Dr Shibata and our Oral Health Therapists focus on prevention and instilling correct oral hygiene for you and your family.

We have two part time Oral Health Therapists (combined dental therapists and hygienists) who are registered oral health practitioners that provide primary oral health care for children and adults. This includes examining and diagnosing dental decay and gum diseases and providing routine dental treatments.

A thorough assessment of the teeth and gums will allow Dr Shibata and the therapist to advise you on the recommended recall period. If there is evidence of gum disease, a more regular recall of 3~4 months can be organised to manage the health of your gums. A regular recall of 6 months will be organised with preferred options of reminder letters, phone calls or texts if consent is received.

A good dental habit will reduce the need for more costly treatment in the future!

What duties does an Oral Health Therapist complete?

Oral health therapists perform the following tasks as part of their work:

  • Provide routine clinical dental treatment for children, adolescents and young adults including dental examinations and diagnosis, cleaning, scaling and polishing teeth, filling cavities and extracting teeth under local anaesthetic
  • Treat gum conditions for all ages including adults, take X-rays of teeth & jaws, apply sealants & remineralising therapies, and taking impressions
  • Educate & motivate people to maintain good oral health
  • Bring more complex dental problems to the attention of dentists, specialists or other health care providers
  • Liaise with other health care providers to support oral health as part of general health.

What qualifications do Oral Health Therapists have?

To become an oral health therapist, a Bachelor of Oral Health degree involving three years of study is obtained.