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513 Camberwell Road,
Camberwell VICTORIA 3124

Telephone (03) 9889 0612

Cosmetic Dentist Camberwell

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I claim health insurance?

For your convenience, we have HICAPS - a simple and easy health claims and payments solution. To utilise our HICAPS system, please ensure you bring in your private health insurance member card to claim on the spot.

We require a full payment if your member card is not provided, however, health insurance can still be claimed at a later stage online, by phone or going into your nearest health insurance centre.

What is the cost of Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment costs can vary depending on the number of canals the tooth has and whether there are any calcified canals present (a process in which calcium builds up in the root canal, causing the tissue to harden). To obtain a treatment plan that includes fees and item numbers for health insurance purposes, it would be advised for you to come in for a consultation/examination.

Should I get my wisdom teeth removed in the chair or under general anaesthesia? What is the cost of removing wisdom teeth?

With removal of wisdom teeth, we would initially require an OPG x-ray, which is a special type of x-ray that displays both the upper and lower teeth in a long flat line. It demonstrates the number, positioning and growth of all your teeth including those that have not yet surfaced. With this special x-ray, we can then determine whether treatment can proceed in the chair or if it is best to refer to an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon. The cost of removing wisdom teeth will be provided at the initial examination. The specialist's fees will be separate.

Can I straighten my teeth without braces?

Yes. Dr Shibata utilises Invisalign - a series of custom made clear removal appliances - to correct alignment. Please see our Invisalign information

My children have braces, is it still possible to get a mouthguard made?

With or without braces, mouthguards can easily be fabricated. To have a mouthguard made, it involves two relatively short appointments:
1.) Impressions and choosing the mouthguard colour of your choice from our selection
2.) Insert and check the fitting or pick up at reception

I'm pregnant, what do I need to do?

During pregnancy, chances of developing gum disease increases due to hormonal change. The changing levels of hormone in your body can make your gums more sensitive to harmful plaque - colourless, sticky bacteria that constantly form on teeth. It is important to combine good oral hygiene, a healthy and balanced diet and regular visits dental visits. It will not only assist in keeping your own health but also contribute to the healthy development of your baby.

How do I know if I have gum disease and what treatments can I receive?

Some examples of gum disease warning signs could include:

  • tender, swollen or red gums
  • bleeding gums when you brush or floss
  • persistent bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth

Our oral health therapists will assess your periodontal condition (gums) and explain in detail on how to improve your oral hygiene and how to manage gum disease. In severe cases, a referral may be required for you to see a Periodontist who specialise in the management of healthy gums.

Where can I park, when I visit Shibata Dental in Camberwell?

There is onsite parking at the rear of our dental clinic - to access our car park turn into Orrong Crescent, which is alongside our building, and you will find parking available. There is also one hour street parking nearby.

Did not find an answer?

In case you have not found the answer to your question here or you have more questions to ask, please feel free to drop us a message and we will contact you soon.

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