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513 Camberwell Road,
Camberwell VICTORIA 3124

Telephone (03) 9889 0612

Cosmetic Dentist Camberwell


Achieving straight teeth without fixed metallic braces... Invisalign - a clear, removable mouthpiece could be your solution.

Invisalign works through a series of custom made aligners that gradually help to move your teeth in alignment. We take a panoramic radiograph (OPG) to assess each individual case before commencing treatment and have a payment plan option.

How do I start invisalign/ What is the process?

Before we commence your Invisalign treatment, an initial consultation is required where a panoramic radiograph (OPG) will be taken for assessment. Thorough explanation of how invisalign works, the process and procedures, patient compliance and fees would then be explained. Record taking (impressions and photos) will take place once Dr Shibata and you are happy to proceed.

All records will be sent to Invisalign where the treatment plan is formulated.

We utilise ClinCheck - a software which provides a 3D virtual representation of the prescribed treatment plan. The software allows Dr Shibata to visually review the treatment plan and request changes until satisfied with the movement. The 3D virtual representation can also assist in explaining the treatment plan and outcome to you with greater understanding.

If the proposed treatment plan is approved, Invisalign will then fabricate sequential aligners. It will take approximately 3-4 weeks before we contact you for your first invisalign appointment.Depending on your invisalign treatment, the initial appointment could include the process of bonding attachments onto your teeth and receiving the first set of your aligners.

The duration of your Invisalign treatment can vary from under one year to a couple of years depending on each case. There will be regular 6-8 week appointments to ensure the best treatment outcome.

After all invisalign treatment has completed, a final impression will be taken for Vivera Retainers (compulsory set of 3 for the upper and lower teeth) that is to be worn at night to retain the alignment.