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Camberwell VICTORIA 3124

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Cosmetic Dentist Camberwell

Surgical Extractions

Extractions may be required for many different reasons. To name a few, gum disease, fractured teeth, accidents, problematic wisdom teeth, are all reasons that can lead to surgical extractions.

For the removal of wisdom teeth, an OPG (a panoramic x-ray which can be taken here at the practice) will be required to determine and assess if treatment can go ahead in chair or at the hospital. At Shibata Dental, wisdom teeth extraction is carried out under local anaesthesia. Patients who present with a more complex case or those who prefer to complete treatment under general anaesthesia will be referred to see an Oral Surgeon. In some cases where deciduous (baby) teeth are required to be removed, the treatment will be performed by our Oral Health Therapist. Non-surgical extractions of deciduous teeth may take place due to Orthodontic treatment planning or if there is heavy decay and it is unsalvageable.

How painful is the surgical extraction?

Local anaesthetic is administered prior to proceeding with the extraction and therefore, during the procedure you will not experience any pain. There will however be lots of water, noise and pressure. Post operatively, you may experience some pain, swelling and bruising however, it is very much expected.

Things TO DO before and after an extraction

  • Eat a big meal before your appointment. You may experience difficulty in eating after your extraction. Please prepare a soft diet, try to avoid hot, hard/chewy/grainy foods
  • Continue biting onto the gauze for a further 30mins to 1 hour to stop the bleeding
  • Keep up your oral hygiene (avoid the extraction site)
  • Start rinsing with warm salted water or Curasept mouthwash after each main meal 24 hours after treatment

Things NOT TO DO after an extraction

  • Avoid playing sport or being excessively active
  • No alcohol or smoking
  • Do not use any mouth rinse containing alcohol